Digital Cinema & Cinema Sound Solution

We Provide Full Digital Cinema Solution and Digital Cinema Advertisement

Film & Serial Production

DL look for the "Purpose" we think beyond the image, we try to capture an truth about the situation, understanding our audience, and make a real impact.

Short Films

Short film became increasingly important, which is moreover use to showcase at film festival or film competition.Our main motto towards short film is that it has to be able to get the message/ideas etc. across a lot faster.Our team can assure you delivering in the best possible way.


We also come up with documentaries these films have a variety of aims,to record important events and ideas to inform viewers,to convey opinions and to create public interest. Documentaries can be great use to NGO's and also for IT and core companies for ISO certificates.

Servicing & Support & Digital Content

We Provide Digital Cinema Content, Serviceing and Supporting

Ad Films

We run over many ad films different plot, scenes, concept many more. And you'll find it all over different medium be it internet, TV channels, exhibitions etc. and gives a positive impact.

Corporate Films

Corporate Video is generated in numerous ways. Marketing and Promotion have become two important factors. Corporate films are an excellent way to promote through channels Internet and television.

Digital Post Production

We make video post production it is as Equally as important to give thought to the story you are trying to tell before you film anything. We make sure to get good quality audio too, colour grading, advance editing would improve the en result.And finally the length of your film it will almost certainly create more of an impact on your audience.