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DL was founded in 2010 giving a big break to the fresher's all over the world. Over the years Dream Launcher has helped launching the several other models over particular projects. With a long list of famous faces, it continues to launch and represent the best.

DL has promoted models and cast for films, TV commercials and multimedia campaigns local and as well as international brand too.DL is a multi-discipline, casting agency providing you our talents maintaining a high professional's standard and service. DL is recognised as the most established and reputed agency.
DL act as a modeling and a casting agency and although advice on grooming, posture and image may be given if necessary, prior to auditions or casting session - it is not a modeling school. We promote talents for both local and international photographic and television work. Our aim is to provide advertising agencies, photographers, and other related professionals with a "pool" of excellent talent to choose from. Dream Launcher's first priority is our models- we are working on your behalf and as a result hope to give you a reliable and excellent service to our client.
Our primary focus and functions is to provide our clientele with a complete wide range of artist selection for commercials, prints and ad films. Our artists are professional, have high integrity standards and are self motivated. We have also introduced our self to come up with the concept of "Casting" for a respective project, looking forward to cast entirely for Films, Commercial and TV Shows. Everything would be taken care off starting from Casting, Briefing, Conducting Audition, Coordination, Casting Presentation, and On Location Cast Management.

This is what we do:

Your work is our business. Strong relations with film, television, advertising, fashion and entertainment industries.

Your safety comes first - looking after the requirements, making sure they are genuine.

Looking after what you deserve, collect them and pay them to our client models promptly.

Frequent follow-up to stay updated.

Go ahead!

Thinking of modeling career but still confused? Are you a lazy bum? Then this is the perfect option for you, apply simply sitting at your place and we'll get back to you asap.

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